Water Delivery App

I want to get a water delivery app designed. The app would have most of the functions as a food delivery app but with specific customization.I have the list of features and functionalities i need . The followings apps should give you a further idea

Do you have a script or theme in mind i can use or someone who might be interested in developing this. Any help to point me in the right direction would be a great help.

Any WooCommerce theme would do for you.

You can extend the possibilities with this popular plugin:

In case you would like to achieve a professional look and feel of a website with the minimum amount of work:
then I suggest choosing a niche site WordPress theme.
As an example:


One click demo content import comes with both of the themes,
I suggest to:
check for dates of latest update,
check online documentation before you purchase if you like the theme,
check and/or contact author in comments section of an item just to have a look if author responds