Warning! Phishing messages from user @evantomarket

Attention everyone,
User @evantomarket sends phishing messages like this:

Dear [Author Name],
We’ve reviewed your account on Envato for violating the rules of use Envato. Immediate confirmation e-mail you soon!

Verify Now : [link removed]

To avoid violating the rules of good envato.com

I’m asking Envato to take a look in it ASAP!


Flagged to staff - thanks


I got this just now

here is screenshot envato phishing
upload pic


Thank you for flagging this. We’ve made envato aware of it and sure they will fix it ASAP.

I also received a similar email from this user.

what is this?(

Same here,

Hope envato will inform everyone and ban the account immediately.

Am also received this spam mail :rage:

That’s no good at all. Please let the Help Team know the user name of anyone sending you phishing emails. They’ll disable the accounts. Thanks!

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Is this a hack attempt?

User has been disabled. Thanks!

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