Warez site still online even month after been reported to Envato

A month ago I’ve reported a warez site which is SELLING ThemeForest items. I got a nice copyright ninja badge for that but the site is still online.

I totally understand that it is impossible to fight against all the warez sites out there but this is IMHO a pretty specific case. I’ve managed to even find out who is behind this site. It is former Envato author who was banned because he was selling stolen items under his Envato profile.

Due to forum rules, I can’t share the site, but I’ve gave all the info to Envato staff. I am not able to find the ticket number, but I am sure anybody from staff who is willing to take another look at that will be able to find it based on my username.

So my question is, why is that site still online? Do you seriously don’t have a power to bring it down? What’s the point of giving copyright badges then?

Similar case here. I reported a Chinese site Selling! our items under Envato’s name about 2 months ago & it is still there. Apart from being harmful to authors, there is the fact that they are commiting a VERY serious offence by using Envato trademarks and reselling all authours items under Envato’s marketplace names.