Wants to know about partnership

Hi. I am new in Themeforest. I got a partnership project. My partner gave me an approved PSD and I have to do its WordPress version. the theme will submit from my partner’s profile. But I have no idea about the process of Themeforest partnership system. How can I believe that after submission partner will not disconnect me? Which is the best way for receiving payment? When I will complete project and send it, if partner denies any kind of contact with me? Some one says contact through Docracy. But if he submit other profiles avoid the Docracy then what I will have to do. Please help me to give some information about this.

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Note that Themeforest don’t support or provide any official system for partnership between authors.
You should build trust and good communication with your partner. Any disputes arising during partnership should be solved by yourself.

I am in a problem like that, my partner has disconnected me, I want him to send me my part of the earnings of an html template, but he does not give me any reply. be careful, it is as said the other user, You should build trust and good communication.

Thank you very much for your important information.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience.