[Wanted] Day/Night WordPress plug-in

Hi there!

I’m looking for a plugin which will change the .css of a WordPress site in order to make the website nice during day and nighttime.

So basically if my website would be white during the daytime, I’d like to change the white colors to (dark)grey/black.

If you have any way of doing so (preferably with a plug-in), let me know!



You know, it’d be working with your server time. Anyway, I’m not sure if there’s any but I could code something for you if you’re interested in

Thanks for your quick reply.

I’m aware it needs to be triggered by some data, which indeed could be the server’s time(zone).

To be honest I like your offer, however I’d rather see someone create a plugin for this because I know many people are looking for this (it improves your sites usability quite well) and I want to implement this on multiple sites in which case a plug-and-play plug-in would be very efficient.

I don’t see any purpose of this thing. What when you get users from other time zones? And you have for example web shop. He don’t care is on your country day or night he will buy or read some info on your site.

I’m pretty sure this is only for you. Don’t think there’s other people looking for this feature, it’s pretty “personal” request and as @Zaccc stated, it may be different part of the day for some other people

Hi guys, thanks a lot for the replies.

This is quite in ‘huge’ demand, see for example Apple’s ‘night mode’ on iOS devices. Be aware that such functions only come trough when an incredible amount of interest is met - which is the actual case.

I’m even willing to place a bet on the succes of a potential plug-in that will provide day/night features.

I must mention though, in my case it’s only for local visitors/websites. For example, my site is only open to German visitors, only one timezone / switch is needed (per 24H).

On IOS, it’s easier because you can get the time from phone but on web, it may cause problems.
Anyway, if you need one, I could create

Mobile phone is personal thing and only you is using that phone. Website something different . On site can come everyone from whole world.

Check this plugin may help you
Night Mode fro WordPress

also available for jQuery
Night Mode — jQuery Plugin

Hi, can’t be done with a simple js?