Want to spend my sales revenue to purchase items on envato

I’d like to purchase items from Envato using earnings from my sales.

How do I do that? Currently the only option I see is to withdraw the amount to payoneer/paypal and back to envato.

How can I convert my earnings directly into envato credit?

PS: Is there a moratorium period for new authors? My item was approved only 5 days ago, and the withdrawal date is scheduled at Feb 15th.

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You earned money on envato? You want to buy products on envato?

Just lookup for products and click the ‘Buy now’ button. On the next upcoming page you can select to pay with envato credit.



From @AlekseyZhdanov’s screenshot, check this box to convert your earnings into credit:



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Thanks for the replies guys.

Unfortunately, my envato credit is zero:

But I do have some earning balances.

It seems envato will hold on to the funds for some times

And any withdrawals requested during the month will be processed on the 15th of the following month. Same for everyone.


That explains it. Thanks.

It will be. Check allenherbert’s comment above about converting credits. Then it won’t be!

It’s working!
Thanks guys!

Working! Thx! Without this instruction, I’d not have guessed.

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