Want to remove Envato authority from a website.

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May I know how to remove Envato authority from a website?

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not much clear! can you tell us more what you mean?

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Thanks for replying me.

Yes. eg. I have applied Envato subscription to one of my previous clients (I have helped he/she develops a commercial website). However, now he/she wants to switch to another web designer and requests me to total transfer the entire WordPress website to them. Hence, once the process is done, I will want to suspend all the paid plugins on that website.

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Envato Elements don’t have any features to activate and deactivate the Item license. Because downloaded item(s) from Envato Elements do not come with it’s own license. So, downloaded item(s) will not get support from the author and will not get a one click auto update features.

So, you can just keep as it is and provide the website to your client. Your client will not be able to download the theme/plugins (when a new update will publish). Your client will require to subscribe Envato Elements to get access of those theme/plugins.



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Appreciate it. You help me a lot! Thanks ya.