Want to Purchase Seaside Wordpress theme by Bravis theme

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I want to buy SeaSide Wordpress theme by bravis theme, but i have some questions before buying this theme…

Q1. Once somebody clicks on “Book Now”, we have to take them further to 2 properties X & Y (name will be provided later) Once they click on one of them then we show the calendar to book. - is that possible i can use two calendars in this theme.

Q2. In Y Properties the calendar should show a minimum booking for 2 months ( for example book today 15th Oct then should show till 15th Dec).
On the other hand in X properties the calendar can even take as short as a booking for 1 day.
is this possible in this theme?

Q3. Once the booking is made the profile and the guest details should go to the owner by email and the guest should also be notified that the booking will be confirmed once the owner approves it.
Once the owner approves then the payment link via website should go to the guest to make the payment. .
Is it possible in this theme?

Q4. The booking/calendar must also have a feature that owner can block the calendar for their personal use of these properties as and when they want it.
Is it possible?

Q5. Also client wants to add products in Shop page.
IS woocommerce available in this theme?

Almost certainly not all of this will be possible out of the box but you need to ask the author