Want to hire app developer/ designer/ purchase app template

Hey guys, I’m looking to purchase an app template or hire app developer to create an app.
The app basically only need to perform Gravity Form functions, including if… then.
It’s like a custom app on real estate calculation.

I can cover all the graphics required but have no idea where to start. You see, I’m an author in GraphicRiver and I’m okay with using wordpress templates like RealHomes, but when it comes to app, I’ve got nothing. Is there a way I can purchase a template to create an app I want with functions of Gravity Form? Or I need to hire an app developer, and roughly what’s the cost will be?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “gravity form functions” - do you just want:

  1. a form with relevant fields/functions built to use somewhere


  1. the ability to create bespoke forms on demand?

You can use WordPress theme with Gravity form to build what you need then you can purchase a web APP to manage the mobile part.

I meant 1. a form with relevant fields/functions built to use somewhere.

Example, the app would show a form requesting user to key in a value, upon value key in, the form will run some calculations/ functions and tell the user the result.
Eg: user key in 1000, form displays it as USD1,000, upon enter, form displays “Total Deposit : USD3,500”.

I currently have wordpress sites with Gravity forms. Very useful for my work.
I’ve never use “web app to manage the mobile part” before, and what I envision could be much more customized and detailed I’m afraid. My impression is that those web app tend to look clunky and not as sleek.

Do you have any recommendation for the web APP you mentioned? Greatly appreciated bro.
***But in the future I want to have the possibility to monetize or have more customization without redoing the whole app. So a custom app development or app template purchase is probably better solution?

There’re some at CodeCanyon you can check