Want to Change my WordPress Theme


I am considering changing the theme of my website to Bricks, but I have some concerns about how it may affect my website’s ranking. I have read about some potential consequences, such as a decrease in website traffic or a change in position on SERP.

Currently, the theme I am using is not very efficient and is negatively impacting the page loading speed. I would appreciate your guidance on whether it is a good idea to switch to the Bricks theme or not, given the potential impact on my website’s ranking.
Kindly help me, Thank you

@qsmartnetworks When changing your website’s theme to Bricks, make sure all SEO elements are intact like existing URL structure, meta tags, interlinking, and content. Also, use 301 redirects to redirect all old URLs to the new ones. This helps to maintain your website’s ranking in search engines and ensures that users are redirected to the correct page. Changing your website’s theme can be a good idea if the new theme is SEO-friendly and you take the necessary steps to maintain your site’s ranking in SERP.