Want to change color scheme of my Website

Hi Team,

This is my website https://caterpillarworkshopmanuals.com/ And I am using Woodmart theme I am changing color of header and footer but its not effecting on front end. Sometimes the changes appear after 2 to 3 hours.
Can anyone help?


It’s probably cache issue.

Hi @jackh128,

I think your website or hosting is enabled any cache plugin and for making any changes you have to manually clear/purge the cache.


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Hi @mgscoder

Thanks for your reply. I asked my hosting company they said we are not using any cache plugin. Before Woodmart theme I was using port theme and facing same issue that’s why I changed the theme. But same result and I am loosing ranking because of changing themes :frowning:

Sorry! but it only can be happened when your website is running any cache plugin or CDN. Please check again - have you any? check in wp-admin and with your hosting. Especially check is there any CDN included with your hosting or cache plugin!

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