Want to buy plugin but have no vat

Hy, i am a freelancer in EU and want to buy 2 plugins from your site but it wont let me without vat number, and since i am not a registered bussiness i do not have vat, can it be bought without it somehow or do you have sister site that can sell without vat?

Just put your ID number. It should do the trick

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to buy an item without entering a VAT number. If you have one, enter it and you don’t pay VAT. If you don’t have one, don’t enter it and you do pay VAT.

Just put your ID number. It should do the trick

That’s incorrect. The only thing you can enter on a form asking you for a VAT number… is a valid VAT number. Entering something other than that, definitely won’t ‘do the trick’ unfortunately.

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It’s possible that it may not work. I haven’t tried

Well think it through… to ensure you’re not charged VAT, you need to enter a VAT number in the box. If you’re not registered for VAT, then you won’t have a VAT number to enter… and damianPaic is fully aware that he doesn’t have a VAT number. So if you, me or damianPaic were to knowingly enter false information in an effort to avoid paying taxes, that would be classed as fraud.

So it’s not about whether it may or may not work.


I thought he couldn’t purchase the theme because of the VAT number. I didn’t think he’s trying to purchase the item without VAT. If he locates in EU, he’s going to pay the VAT anyway.

Yes i would pay vat, i just don’t have vat number, paying is not a problem, problem is that on checkout with paypal it keep asking for vat number, it didnt let me just pay vat, and since i dont have vat i did not enter anything and purchase wouldn’t go through.

What did Paypal say?

It just didn’t let purchase continue without vat, like empty field where vat is was red and it didn’t let payment continue, i will try buying over my brothers account he has registered business and vat number, so hopefully it will work