Want suggestions on why my item is hard rejected twice.


It’s been 3 years now selling mobile games on CodeCanyon, now I moved to PHP scripts category and crafted a well looking and responsive script for downloading TikTok videos without watermark.
When I started on this project there was no such script on CodeCanyon but 1 week before my release there was a similar script approved on CodeCanyon with little to no premium looks and design and not SEO ready as well. But his item was approved and it’s in high demand due to the monopoly created by CodeCanyon for him.

Long story short I submitted my item first and it was hard rejected within 12 hours saying it isn’t the quality standard to move forward. I made significant changes created an admin panel for better management, make it more SEO friendly and multi-language supported. But this time also my item is hard rejected due to similar reasons like before. I used advanced technologies like Vue.js SPA, Custom mini PHP framework, Typescript, and webpack. I make it responsive and mobile-optimized but still it isn’t approved don’t know why!

I was curious what’s in his code that he’s approved and not me so I purchased his code and I was shocked that he’s using raw PHP, JS, and CSS with low standard coding knowledge. I’m posting here so I can get your suggestions on what I’m missing here? I even designed a professional item description and inline-cover. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated!

My Competitor Script Demo: http://tiktokdownloader.magicalstack.com
His Item on CodeCanyon: https://codecanyon.net/item/tiktok-video-downloader-with-ajax/26284627

My Script Demo: https://tiktok.codespikex.com
Admin Panel Demo: https://tiktok.codespikex.com/cp-admin/login
Email: admin@codespikex.com
Password: password

Item Description Demo:

This is crazy.

Yes, I think there’s biased reviews on CodeCanyon side or maybe workload due to Covid-19 but still this is totally unfair.

I think it’s CodeCanyon buyers basic right to choose from the best items they want! And competition makes an item perfect and authors try to come up with new features! We were even working on it’s native mobile app but twice rejection…

Seems very unfair. Your product description is also done very nicely, whereas the competitor’s is very basic

@charlie4282 @baileyherbert waiting for your suggestions sir.

Thank you for your kind words, Yes it looks very unfair and I’m waiting for moderators suggestions and what they say.

I don’t have @baileyherbert 's back-end knowledge to comment on this really.

Front-end it seems better than the other one already for sale, although I am not sure how something like this can claim to be ‘SEO optimised’ and I would avoid claims like 24/7 support for your own sake

I wrote this due to browser SEO reports and there is more than one page so one can rank keywords in search engines easily and we’ve also implemented sitemap.xml for better ranking. On the basis of these we can claim the SEO ready? maybe. By the way the competitor is also claiming SEO optimized site which isn’t even a case with his one-page script.

Yes, I agree but this is clearly not the reason for hard rejects.

If @baileyherbert wants I can send him the source code because I really want to know the reasons for twice hard rejection.

Is such a plugin legal? I have no idea whether it is or not, but I can pretty much guarantee that there would be uproar if an item appeared on CodeCanyon that allowed people to download video previews from VideoHive without the watermark… or preview audio from AudioJungle without the watermark.

That’s not the case, there’s already 3 items recently approved on CodeCanyon, one is PHP script and other two are wordpress plugins. If you want I can send you their links.

Number one rule when it comes to rejections… never compare your rejected items to approved items. While it could give the impression that your item should have been approved, it’s just as likely that the other item shouldn’t have been approved.

Also, the item you compared it to above was a ‘download tik tok videos’ item, and yours is a ‘download tik tok videos without the watermark’ item… which could have been a step too far. Yes, it is a ‘download tik tok videos without the watermark’ item now, but based on the update history, it wasn’t at the time of approval.

Yes, I was frustrated that’s why I make comparison.

When he submitted his item initially, “without watermark” option isn’t there? and he update without watermark later? Isn’t this illegal now? and if that’s the case can I completely remove the “Without Watermark” feature from the script and made significant changes and implement more features and then re-submit the item?

I don’t know why this one was rejected. It seems solid to me. I highly doubt it’s related to the watermark.

I can only guess (and this is purely a guess) that the reviewer may have preferred their item over yours because of customizability. Buyers like to purchase scripts from here and customize them. They prefer simple Bootstrap items because they are easy to work with, but very few have any experience with React.

Still, I disagree with this review decision. Sorry that I can’t offer any other advice. :frowning:

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I dont know dude but same problem here. I got totally disappointed by COde Canyon. I build html5 game with my own concept and noone has ever publish such kinda game but on trying to publish it , canyon says quality standard isn’t meet. What could be the issue. documentation or what? anyone expert on it

Yes, I also highly doubt it and @SpaceStockFootage also highlighted.

There’s a bunch of Vue.js scripts already available on CodeCanyon, a person with little knowledge of vue.js can customize it. The only disadvantage is it can’t be modified directly instead buyer needs to install npm and compile the changes. Vue.js have its advantages but there are also a few disadvantages.

I’ve no experience in HTML5 games and no can tell you what’s wrong in your case without checking the demo.

@SpaceStockFootage Sorry I’m mentioning you again but I really need the suggestion, If I completely remove “Without Watermark” feature from the script, and implement more features like download videos by @username, #hashtags, list trending videos based on regions, make it more SEO optimized and more awesome features. After that can I re-submit my item again? Beacuase after that it’ll be feature rich, and none of the available downloading services will reach it’s level.

Based on your description, if you make those changes then you’ll have made sufficient changes for it to count as a new item and you can submit it again. None of those changes will guarantee approval though, but I’d say that they’ll make it more likely to be approved.