Want opportunity for ownership sale

I have been selling products in Envato for a long time. I am a exclusive author here. Recently a company mailed me to buy the complete ownership of a specific product in exchange of a big amount.

Actually we sell products here as “One Website - One License Policy”. Our clients can’t re-sale products. But this specific company wanted to buy sole proprietorship of this. Which means I will not be the author of this product anymore. They will be new owner, and they will sale using their own brand.

So, This is an advice for CodeCanyon to bring this type of opportunity here in two different ways:

1. Internal sale: Where new owner will be an author of Envato. If I sell any product, it will just change the ownership only. New owner will receive the product ownership with its existing all sale record, review and ratings. Envato will take 10% commission for this transfer.

2. External sale: Here new owner will sale it outside Envato using their own system. (May be in a website). Envato will take 20% commission for this transfer.

In both cases, Envato will provide Escrow facilty.

Waiting for comments from Envato Policy Makers.