Want help for reject and some advices.

Today i got some rejects and i was told, that content does not meet the minimum requirements.
I started to get involved in music recently, but could you give me some advice on some tracks, instructions to be tested and improved tracks.
Here are the last two tracks:

First of all, this is too chaotic even for some kind of trance or house&trance mix, percussion sounds the same for the entire track, there is no transitions and overall everything sounds messy and without melody, next thing that this kind of music isn’t most popular on audiojungle, until you maybe try to do some corporate/inspiration music like motivational upbeat, go to the audiojungle most popular authors and listen, maybe you will get inspired somehow. Regards, Marcin Klosowski

I agree with Marcin…
You need a lot of work my friend

Hey Khett

On the first track I would definitly do something with the claps. Maybe eq out some of the body of it and lower it a bit. Even try taking out the repeat clap and just leave one on the off beats beat and see how the song sounds. It seems to get very experimental after about 2:00 min and I don’t think they go for that too much here.
When the melody synth comes in about 8 seconds it fades in. I would introduce this part with a transition like a pause with reverse cymbol or something. Overall look at having more transitions through your song to give the whole piece more dynamics. Try experimenting with some revereb on different parts to give the song more depth. the synth line that runs through the whole song is dictating the whole sound so maybe experiment with changing that sound a bit.

The second song really just sounds like you are jamming over a beat and doesn’t really stand alone as a song. Listen to other types of music like this and what they are doing. You will hear lots of transition and structure to them. Maybe try to recreate a song like this and it will stick in your head better how to create dynamics and structure in a song.

All the best and keep at it