Want a silo on my site but I can't choose a Parent page for post type Post in WP

I want to create a silo on my WordPress site so I create a post and then I should be able to (under Page Attributes, at the right side of that post) assign that post to a parent page. But there isn’t such an option when I choose as post type Post. Why not? But with a Page as post type I can. But you can’t assign Pages to categories so you have to use Post as post type to be able to create a silo. Is that correct? Then how to go about it?
How can I create a post and assign as its parent page the top silo page (which is the category page) that post falls under?

Does WordPress offer any benefits or possibilities to creating a silo?

Is it possible to have a WP template created (will that then come under Page Attributes?) which then can be added to the built-in templates of a WP theme that is custom designed and built so it has a standard link back to the silo’s top page and a link to the next page in the silo?