Wake up! Envato

Since two years using envato I am a witness of some changes through the time…

And now, I would like to share with you some thoughts about things that envanto takes it easy, but I think are important for us (developers and consumers)

1.- Quality checked by Envato

What “quality” we are talking about? Clean code, optimize code, minimum bugs,?

I bought a plugin sometime ago (dont ask which one), which had had several problems to make his work.

After this, I wonder what kind of garanty is Envato offering for their items?

2.- X months support from Author

I always wonder if this line is truth? We know that some author are worry about give great support, but also we know others dont care about it…

Therefore, is Envanto offering really support for us or it is just a strategic marketing.

For example, I bought a theme in $49 and They have 597 sales. They gain $30.000 approximately (calculated only as regular license).

And here comes my two complaints…

A. We dont have garanty for an answer , if We got luck We will get a reply . But I think Envanto must take care of this … We are buying things, developers no offer for free. Come on!

B.- Some Authors offer a private support (like their own page or forums). Sometimes they delete their pages, or they are offline. Comments was a good idea to have fast support, and also I guess most of us find solutions there, in the old comments. Restrict comment´s page for support was a terrible idea…

3.- Updates and Features

As buyers, we expect to have updated theme and some useful features that maybe the most of us will want to…

So, let me suggest to things

A. Implement a policy to make Author have their themes al least updates. Try any kind of idea, for example suspend gains and future incomes of the theme until they release the last versión.

B. Implement polls or something like “stackoverflow” to let buyers may colaborate with authors to define new features.

I think we all of us make a great work to grow up this community, so let share what your thoughts…