Waiting from a refund from last 4 days

I purchased a theme on 18th, named Dream LMS, and there was an issue with the theme, the theme was not properly coded, and I also requested that they fix, it. They also failed to fix the issue, even after they declined my refund request. I raised a dispute on 19th, and from 19th, there was no refund or response from Envato.
Refund Request ID: 32d16cf1-f8cb-49ff-98fd-277a143e6fe4

Envato will need to investigate especially if the author declined the request.

This can take several working (not weekends) days

I am still waiting for the refund, as I am still facing support issues, and the theme is not compatible.

Fronend is the part of tutor LMs that is inbuilt, where the instructors are creating the courses from dashboard by clicking Add Courses. if this theme is not fulfilling the basic need to create the courses for which it has been developed by theme author, then there is no use of the theme.

The theme has a lot of issues, like

  1. On the instructor dashboard, the “Add Course” button is not visible. So how does an instructor create the courses. Screenshot by Lightshot

2. The instructor is unable to update the title (course title option disabled) of the course in the frontend dashboard.

3. The price option is not available to the instructor while creating the courses in frontend.

4. Verification mail on signup of tutor LMs instructor and student is turned on in tutor LMS authentication option, but still the instructor and students are not getting verification mail Error Link: - Screenshot by Lightshot

5. The instructor is enrolled automatically without admin approval, instead of pending status, the instructor role is automatically approved.

6. Social Logins is turned on but not visible on the Registration and Login Page - Screenshot by Lightshot

  1. There is many more bugs there. This theme is only a bundle of garbage. OR A PLATHORA OF BUGS. This theme is not completely compatible with the the Tutor LMS.

  2. On a daily basis, I am losing revenue, customers, instructors, sales, traffic.

  3. How we can setup our startup on such type of poorly coded theme. Nothing working