Waiting for Review for 29 Days

Hello there my Graphicriver friends,

29 days ago I’ve uploaded about 90 Items to Web elements Category. In about day or two they were flagged as Special Circumstances. Ok, I understand that I should wait more than usual for approve, but come on, 29 days is really too much…

Anyone with similar problem? Who could help me with this situation?


Send a ticket, will you have fast answer… : -)

Thanks! I’ll try right now. :slightly_smiling:

32 Days and still a single one Item of the 90 uploaded isn’t reviewed… Envato support guy said that I must be patient… How to be patient when there are bunch of new rules and taxes and I really can’t see any improvement for the Authors…


they will tell u that they are not here to discuss their strategies with u … lol thus authors have to do with what they are given , i am pretty much surprised about your initial problem, reviewing is rather fast in a general way (more or less a bit depending on times) but this waiting time that u mentioned makes me think that maybe u had a problem and did not get the feedback in your email rather than they did not review items yet …

I never had problem like this. Every Item I upload is reviewed inside 4 days or less… This time I uploaded about 90 files, and they put them into Special Circumstances so I’m not able to ask anyone about my problem. All uploaded Items are still on my Dashboard, and marked as Special Circumstances. I really don’t know what to do.