Waiting 12 days to approve wordpress theme. Is it normal?

I uploaded a wordpress theme 12 days ago. But still in review process. Is it normal?

12 days after soft reject? OR it is not reviewed only?

11 days here, I think its normal

We’d have to see it to let you know if it’s normal or not. It could be really weird.

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Can you still see it in your dashboard? It does seem like a long time but not completely impossible (esp as some of that time would be weekends).

Share a link to the demo here and that might shed some more light on it.

This is my dashboard looks like. http://i.imgur.com/ieANaqG.jpg. And this is my demo link http://digitaltheme.co/admag/. It’s my first wordpress theme.

So we need 1 month for 2 rejections, real nightmare :frowning:

It looks like you are just still in review as the site itself does not look bad

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long review process happen when some major plugin has vulnerability and require some update,
remember when pretty photo has an issue, and now visual composer

since every author update they files



This will give you the approximate time for review process.