Wait a sec mate, here comes an Elite!

During August of 2015, I was designing Entrada in Photoshop, wondering weather this will see the light of day at Envato Market! And fast forward to today, this has become the foundations on which I am granted an Elite membership of this creative community.

I roared gibberish when I saw the pop up message with Elite Badge. I am so very thankful to the highly focused and talented team I work with, and indeed the community, which inspired and helped me through the course.


A Huge Thank You!


Congratulation @waituk :tada: Good luck for more :slight_smile:

congratulations!! :smiley: here comes some champagne for celebration :champagne:

Thank you so much @janxcode_team @Kannonh Wish you guys the very best as well.

Congratulations!! :tada:
Fantastic result just in two years!
That’s really awesome!

@waituk great achievement, Congratulations :tada: