W-8 Tax ID Number problem (Serbia)

Hello, I’m an author from Serbia and I just decided to fill W-8 but I realized that I don’t have Tax ID Number…in my country that is called PIB but I can only get that if I open my own company…

What should I do ?

You don’t really need to provide a Tax ID Number, just fill in the form without a Tax ID Number and that’ll be enough for you. Serbia doesn’t have tax treaty with the US, so you’ll have 30% withheld on US sales whether you provide a number or not.

Well, Ok than, thanks for the information.

No problem :slightly_smiling:
(btw I’m sorry for saying that, it’s not good news for you)

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Yeah, it sucks big time…gotta put big price for the item to even get a penny lol

Than I don’t even have to fill that form actually ? What do I get from filling it ?

If you don’t fill the form, you’ll get 28% withholding on all your sales. If you fill the form they’ll retain 30% on your US sales only.

Oh, I missed that part, thanks.

Pozdrav prijatelju, isti problem imam kao i Vi Tax id, ali kad ostavim prazno, izbacuje gresku da polje nije popunjeno. Pomoc.


Here you will find about w-8 form fill up guidance for non-us author

hope helped!

Kolega da li ste uspeli da nadjete resenje po ovom pitanju? Nikakav TIN mi nemam u Srbiji

Still valid…