Vue.js/react.js/angular.js wordpress theme hard reject

I have a theme build with vue.js And all the content are rendered by Vue so I don’t use any PHP code that is recommended like navigation links functions and others.

I try to upload the theme in ThemeForest but it was instantly hard rejected in just some minutes, I think the reject came from a robot that checks this features so how can I make my theme have a chance to be accepted.

If someone makes something like this theme, with ajax requests or something like that I will be grateful if you can give me some tips.

I think I was that, but also the theme may have other problems so if you can help with this I will be grateful too.

Link to preview:

I have take a look but on smartphone and I am sure it is rejected because of design. If design is poor they will not check features

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I have no idea about the technical part of of your submission, but looking at the design alone and it is VERY far away from the standards. Even if the code side of it would be without any issues, you will be hard rejected with this submission.

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Thanks for feedback CocoBasic, I am from the dev side so I don’t have so high skills in design but I will follow your advice and try to make better.

Thanks for feedback LSCRthemes, i will try make the design better.