Voices of Istanbul Refill or AKAI format

Looking for Voices of Istanbul Refill or AKAI format. Someone has it or know where to buy maybe?

Might be worth sending an email to these guys as it seems they make a Kontakt version of it.

This website also sells the Kontakt version, and they credit a guy called Doug Morton as the creator:


Here’s Doug Morton’s web page:

I can’t personally verify the legitimacy of these websites and/or information, but it might be worth reaching out there if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the info. I know there is a Kontakt version, but i need the Reason Refill or AKAI format only.

Like I said, might be worth getting in touch with Q-Up and Doug Morton, as apparently he is the original author of the library. If anyone has an AKAI or Refill version available, it would be him.

oh, okay, thanks, will do it

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