Vocals? or Not? Your advice please!

Hi all, Just looking for some advice from some more experienced AJ members (so pretty much anyone else!)

Ive noticed a pattern of pretty much all my tunes with either a) full vocals or b) some subtle vocal samples being hard rejected. Is this something that others have noticed too? or just that my particular tunes wern’t good enough? Im trying to work this out so I know whether to make anymore vocal tracks or not (by the way the vocals are royalty free or from my personal vocalist and I always state I have full rights to use them in the Message to Reviewer section)

I know its a preference for most people to not want vocals but im assuming this would not matter for certain projects and would indeed be prefered?

Thanks in advance to all my fellow audiojungleists!

Can you send us link to rejected track?

Usually in music for adv/commercial/film licensing vocal should be vague a bit. It shouldnt take to much attention because of lyrics.

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Thanks for your advice Titanslayer - I shall put a couple of the rejected tracks on Soundcloud shortly

about time I made a Soundcloud anyway - Ive uploaded 2 tracks that were hard rejected recently here;
my soundcloud

Any advice or feedback from anyone much appreciated as always

Your tracks are good! But not for AJ…look at other markets to place this music.

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Thanks for your advice, would you say that is due to the vocals or the style of the tracks themselves?

In my opinion The style of this music is not for AJ.

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Thanks for your opinion, ive spent the last 18 years making music in many genres for labels in the standard way so its a bit of an adjustment to make for AJ, still working out exactly what ingredients makes a top selling AJ track

Anyone else care to voice their opinion on my original question?