VJ's resolution and fps

Hello masters.
I would need advice with one thing respectively two things. I upload to Videohive abstract motion graphics and mostly VJ animation. I am in this field still greenie (before I was doing illustrations) and I’m not sure if I’m doing well as render 4K resolution and 30 fps. It is this resolution and fps okay, or would you recommend to other parameters?

Thank you

I think if you do 4k than there is a reason to do them 60fps, but you need to watch size, cause the limit of upload is 3gb. Still I don’t know about 4k, some people make projects in 4k but most people uses fullhd monitors and tvs, so this size is still to much in my opinion atleast for 1,5-2 years.

But it just my opinion, maybe some can share their point of view on this as well.

4K and HD versions… that’s the way to go.