Visualize data from API GET.

Hello Coders,

I’m looking for a project where i can visualize API get data presented in JSON. Would be nice if i can arrange all these
data in nice graphics. Some more nice to have features.

I’m willing to pay if new project is needed (quotes needed with company/tax information)

  • user permission system (not needed if integration wordpress is available i guess)
  • “drag and drop” to arrange panels/graphics
  • time based (5 min, 30 min, 1 h, 6 h, 12 h, 24 h, 1 day , 1 month and 1 year)
  • “grafana” like style
  • Wordpress integration




I can give you my offer but I will need more details what you want. Do you have link about that API , some documentation? What permission you need? What is purpose of that API etc?
You can send me private message or over my website you can find it on my profile .


Since you mentioned “Grafana” I can imagine that the JSON data are numbers and their represented values and since you mentioned time based I can imagine that these numbers are updated from time to time, If what I understand is correct I can offer you a custom project that includes the following:

  • Using WordPress RESET API to create end point for getting the data.
  • All the work will be done using Model–view–controller ( I can depend on some libraries like marionettejs )
  • All the work will be done using AJAX which means the panels page will load once and the page won’t reload if you changed any of the settings.
  • All the panels will have drag and drop behavior plus they will be resizable.

In addition you can have:

  • Export method so you can export the data as pdf or an image for example.
  • Sending POST request to your API.

Please pm if you are intersted.


Yes JSON are numbers and values. The API i’m going to use is not mine. It’s from Cisco Meraki. I will include
the link but cannot send you the actual API GET request since it has my API key in it.

I would like to extend the graphics further once this works. This means creating sections and a menu system where i can put my graphics generated via API data.

This is the general API i’m going to use:

And this is the API GET where i want to start with:

And these are the API’s i wanna use in the future (not all of course :slight_smile: )

Thank you for replying.