Visual Restaurant Reservation plugin from GoGetLab doesn't work AT ALL!!

Has anyone bought the Visual Restaurant Reservation plugin from GoGetLab? I purchased it 2 days ago, installed to a fresh install of WordPress 5.6 and the damn thing doesn’t work at all. Just a blank screen on the Table Layout Setup page - no tables, grid, tools, nothing! Piece of junk needs to be removed from CodeCanyon immediately. Unless someone can assist if I’m doing something completely stupid - how do we get it removed from sale?


I saw on the plugin’s page that the last WordPress version which is supported by the plugin is WordPress 5.0.x. So most probably there is an incompatibility with WordPress 5.6…unfortunately, the author doesn’t provide support for this item.

The plugin was last updated in 2018, but in the item’s comments section, the author says that an update will be released soon. So if you’re not on a very tight schedule with the website, waiting for the update could be an option.

Another option would be to ask a refund, please find here: a short guide explaining when and how a refund is approved.

Also an option could be to use a debugging plugin (there are some, quite useful, on the WP repository, if you search for “debugging plugin”). Then, after installing it, you’ll see in the error log what errors are thown (if you post here the errors, our helpful community can give you some hints)