Visual Identity of new AudioJungle Artists - Graphics needed

Hey Guys,
we’re preparing our entry in the envato World as audio producers.
We need an insprired visual artist to help us out with our visual identity.

Here’s what we need :


artist logo = default song logo
artist page banner
a few custom song logo
background image


individual visual elements
follow me
rate me
top tracks
browse by category
for example epic = old paper with gothic writing
written text

In order to choose we’d need you to tell us in PM :
1.what does AudioStamp bring to mind ?
2.what would be your price for original content of the ‘initially’ section?
3.could you put together a bundle of existing work (in envato) to dress the initially section?

Here’s a list of some songs draft to give you an idea

Our (empty) profile on audiojungle

Thank you and looking forward to reading from you guys.

AudioStamp Team

hi, please feel free to contact me :wink: especially if u like my style , u can check my portfolio here and contact me by email have a nice day and best regards :wink:

Well, thanks for your quick answer !
Could you answer the questions asked in the description please ?
Thanks in advance

AudioStamps make me think of musical signatures. For price we can exchange private message if u wish so that i can further define your need … as u can imagine if there are 5 or 20 logos to create for diverse songs, this is not the same and it will impact the price … and for N°3, sorry but i do not really manage to identify what u are looking for indeed , are u willing to have existing items and use them for your items? because this may also impact the price of the initial section , too …