Visual Composer Security Vulnerability Fix

We have updated to latest version of VC, also selected attribute in dropdown, but still our theme is soft disabled. Please approve it.

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If you’ve resubmitted your theme for review, we’ve prioritised these updates and will process them as quickly as possible.

These updates don’t seem to be properly prioritized. I just uploaded a regular theme update and it was approved in 30 mins. But I have another theme that was disabled because of the security fix and I’m still waiting. It was uploaded 7 hours ago… Please check this as soon as possible (not just my theme, but the whole priority process).

@crelegant I have checked this for you and re-enabled your theme, but the attribute still wasn’t set (screenshot: ). I’ve set this for you now.


You need to follow the instructions very carefully. It is a 2 step process:

  1. Set attribute and click Save Changes;
  2. Then resubmit the item zip file.

If you miss the Save Changes in the first step, the attribute will not be saved. Thanks!

I really hope my items would be approve as soon as possible. I was soft-disabled 9 hours ago and I was asleep. :frowning:

This is not my current situation, so please check the row priority thing like I have described just above. Thank you for all your help so far!

Hey everyone,

We’re working our way through the list of resubmitted items as quickly as we can. We’ve now worked out how to separate the items related to the VC issue from the normal updates and will give them priority.


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Our theme (one in the top sellers) has now been deactivated for more than 10 hours now. Please prioritize.

This is scary…

Where is the attribute that is being referred here ?

I already updated the Visual Composer of my items but I accidentally failed to update the attribute. I forgot that they have two buttons for saving, one for file upload and the other one for ‘quick’ item details update.

Can anyone help ? I do not see any Visual composer attribute in edit item settings.

Here is the attribute:


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Hi everyone,

I’d like to provide some additional clarification on this issue.

Authors are responsible for ensuring their items are updated, secure and meet quality requirements. In this instance, we provided a 3 day update grace period with notifications to everyone affected and clear instructions to avoid having items soft-disabled.

For those that did have items soft-disabled, we further notified them with instructions required for resolving the issue. At this stage of the process, while we are prioritising updates (which are different than soft-disabled resubmissions), please understand that the responsibility was on authors to have updated their items appropriately and in a timely manner. This is normal operational procedures we follow regularly.

To avoid this in the future, I would recommend that authors carefully follow the provided instructions in a timely manner. For those affected, please understand why this occurred and please have patience while we do our best to process soft-disabled resubmissions as quickly as possible.

Please also be aware that, at this time, soft-disabled resubmissions will not necessarily be prioritised above other normal item updates. The review queues are highly complex with pending reviews in many states, categories and skills being processed simultaneously and continually changing priority depending on many ever changing factors. Rest assured, we are working as quickly and efficiently as we’re able to.

Thanks for your patience and understanding everyone!

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Thanks, this is really helpful. I’ve re-saved my item now, hoping they enable it asap.

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How does that make sense to first activate the compatible with VC 4.7.4, then submitting?

This means that until it gets approved, buyers see the compatible confirmation, then download a theme that is not compatible and come back frustrated.

Wouldn’t the more logic procedure be to get the update approved, and then switch the compatibility mode on, when the actual downloadable files on server are compatible?

I for one totally missed that step of ticking the compatibility box, but it seems the reviewer was kind enough to check it when approving my update. So, thank you for that :smile:

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Also, a theme can be “compatible” with VC 4.7.4 but not include it. So I could have tested my theme with VC and ensure it works, but not bundle VC. So having the option to set that attribute separately to theme approval is best.

I resubmitted by item as soon as it was disabled, now it has been more than 12 hours of resubmission and item is still soft disabled. Please help !

Update: Thanks to Matt, my item is now back. Thank you for cooperation.