Visual Composer restrict content reject

Dear authors,

I was dissapointed my first Wordpress plugin “Visual composer restrict content” was rejected on themeforest.
Can you please be more specific why it’s wasn’t approved? I would like some specific feedback on this matter so we can adapt our plugin and resubmit this. Thanks.

Best regards
Buro 86.

You need to give more content about it, demo links etc

Hi Charlie, thanks for such a quick answer.

Actually there were jpg screens and even a demo video available attached. The video is also on youtube ( ). We also added a short but clear description, Because it’s a small feature that don’t need a lot of words, I think it has all the information that’s needed in this case.

In this video it’s pretty obvious what the plugin is capable too, no?

We are alse setting up a website with more info, but in the meantime, as a good client of envato, it would be appreciated if this plugin could already be uploaded and released to the public.

What do you think,
Can I resubmit the plugin?

It looks like a nice feature.

  • Does it definitely not cause any conflict with the plugin?

  • It may be that it is just too niche and simple for CodeCanyon as most VC extensions tend to contain quite a few features or at least variations (I appreciate that/s not really the concept of your idea)

Thanks again Charlie for your feedback!

Do you know where I can contact the reviewer of my submit request?

  • It is 99,99% for sure not conflicting with the original or other plugins
  • It is indeed a simple, easy lightweight plugin, but is a missing key functionality in Visual Composer.

If themeforest cannot proceed with this, I will actually sell them exclusively on an own webshop, that we are planning than to build in the near future. We are actually developing more plugins in the near future to sell. As a good client and buyer on Envato, I was disappointed to get not the detailed feedback yet why it’s not approved… :frowning:

So please, this is a final request to get the right feedback to adapt our plugin for the Envato market…
Can you help me out?

Thanks a lot!