Visual Composer responsive settings problem on phone/tablet

Hi everyone!

I am currently coding my first website -so… learning at the same time! I am using Visual Composer, and I wanted to change a few things about tablet/phone screen settings. The thing is my menu appears not only in a menu section but also under my sidebar. I wanted to know how to make the second one go away, as I don’t want it to appear twice. Could anyone please help me on this?

Thank you for your help!

Your menu is unrelated to Visual Composer, as it is usually handled by your theme, so check your theme settings and/or the sidebar content in the widgets section of WordPress to see if the 2nd menu can easily be removed or disabled…

Otherwise, you should contact your respective theme author for help, as s/he designed the theme and knows best if and where certain features can be changed.

Hey Tekanewa,

I was having a doubt about the origin of the pb so posted on both forums. Thanks for your answer!