Visual Composer Plugin and license


An easy question: when I buy a theme that includes Visual Composer Plugin, the plugin has facilities only for the license period or must continue to function even after (without upgrade) ???

or license of this plugin has limited functionality to the period in which the license is active?

Thanks so much!!

You are allowed to use Visual Composer without restrictions as long as you are actively using the theme that included Visual Composer on the same domain. All updates for Visual Composer will be provided to you through the theme author and you are not eligible to receive direct updates or support from the author of Visual Composer.

Is this factor of aggrionamenti directly from the manufacturer of the theme was clear to me.
I do not understand and if this system works even after six months of initial license … but I understand that it works :slight_smile:
Only if you have problems you can not avail of official support …
fair enough as I managed to make it work without having to pay for it

Thanks at all

Your theme license does NOT expire; only your initial support for the theme expires after 6 months. But as long as the theme is actively maintained by the theme author, you are entitled to free theme updates. Only if you require additional support after the first 6 months will you be required to purchase a so-called support package.

And as stated, as long as you use the theme, you are allowed to use any bundled plugin for the same time period. Only if you switch to another theme that does not include the same bundled plugins are you required to either purchase an actual license for those plugins, or you must stop using the plugins.

The plugin comes with theme has unlimited license period and you don’t need to buy its license any more.