Visual Composer not working with RT 19 Theme

On the 4th September I purchased the RT 19 Theme from ThemeForest. I have come back now to do some editing and I cannot access the Visual Composer. There has been a wordpress update since last use.

Can you please help as this is urgent.

Assuming the author has updated the theme with the latest compatibility then you would need to update to the latest version.

You will need to login with the account which purchased the theme (this one you are using had no buyer badge) to be able to access that.

I’m sorry but you are going to have to quite clear with me, I do not
understand what your saying above.

I do not know of any other account. The theme I have is the latest. Is
there someone who can talk with me on the phone to sort this out?

+61 450 963 901

All support for themes comes via the author here

Unfortunately neither envato or authors offer phone support.

On the account being used here it is not showing as having any purchases associated and you will need to get the purchase code for the theme to join the support forum (found where you would download the theme).

The lack of a badge could just be a technical glitch so in your downloads area choose “license certificate and purchase code” to get the info you need.

The item is 5 star rated so should be very good. It says it supports WP 4.6 so if there is a theme related issue is should be fixed easily - that said they haven’t updated it since July.

Are you sure the issue is not a hosting problem? VC is set to be accessible on posts, portfolios, pages etc?

Probably the best option is to email the author either way.

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