Visual Composer not working in host staging area

I copied my live WP site to my host’s staging area (siteground hosting) for offline development. All appear OK except that the plugin isn’t working. I’ve checked that the plugins in the live and staged versions of the dashboard are identical including all the setups. But as can be seen in the screen grabs, the stage version for creating a post lacks the frontend/backend icons and I can not type anything in the text box.

I’ve asked my host for help; but it may be a plugin problem?

Just heard from my host. suggesting it is the Massive Extensions causing the issue as disabling it allows builder to function. They say I check:

  1. If the plugin is compatible with staging applications

  2. If the plugin needs to use the domain to work

"As you probably know our staging tool does not change the domain’s URL in the application’s database or in the files but through an Apache module the requests to the staging site are served through the staging URL.

This is why I strongly suspect that the plugin is using the live domain URL even though the staging one should be used. "

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