Visual composer no longer working without paying $45


I purchased a the bPlus theme for my site and it has been fine. However, since the last wordpress update (which may not be the cause) the Visual Composer plugin no longer works and I am now redirected to download and purchase for $45 a plug in from WPBakery to do the same job.

I thought that I had already purchased what I needed to to build and maintain my site wiht the theme cost but this would not appear to be the case.

Has anyone seen anything similar?
Is there a way around this?

Anyone have any thoughts?


You mean, you have requested for a custom job?

If you bought a theme with VC bundled then the author of the theme needs to release an update to this including the latest plugin version (then you don’t need to buy it esp as buying the plugin standalone does not always work)

I’d suggest reaching out to the theme author @pego

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Thanks - the author is helping me with it.

How did you arrive at that conclusion?

I didn’t understand why he/she needed a custom job. It supposed to be working properly without any problem - that was my point. There’s a “WHY” in front of the sentences but hidden :wink:

But that’s the thing… they didn’t at any point mention a custom job. Visual Composer not working or not having a license for Visual Composer pops up in the forums quite often, due to the nature of it being a bundled plugin rather than having been created by the author of the theme. I know very little about Themes and coding and all that jazz… but I knew exactly what the issue was.

But this does explain a few things when it comes to your replies to people’s threads! I think you may have a mild case of webular fever… a rare illness that makes a person believe that somebody requires assistance with their website (specifically paid assistance), even if they’ve not expressed that in any way shape or form.

If you’ve experienced any of the following symptom, I would suggest visiting a physician at your earliest convenience…

Person on the street: Excuse me, do you have the time?
Ki-themes: Do I have the time to provide paid assistance on your website? Sure thing!

Shopkeeper: I can’t break a note that size… don’t you have any smaller change?
Ki-themes: You want to make small changes to your website? No worries… I can provide paid assistance!

Ki-themes: what are you doing under the kitchen counter?
Person: I’ve bought a new microwave and I’m trying to get the plug in.
Ki-themes: Plug-ins?! Why didn’t you say… I can provide paid assistance.


I don’t agree with your comments but I understood why you posted the last comments

Sounded like WPBakery performed a custom job, that was my point.

Sorry for the delay! Well Visual composer is a plug in from WPBakery, and the OP has bought a Wordpress Theme that comes bundled with Visual Composer. So if someone says…

“I am now redirected to download and purchase for $45 a plug in from WPBakery to do the same job.”

…it stands to reason that they are being directed to purchase the latest version of Visual Composer, as the bundled version of Visual Composer is no longer working since the last Worpress update. I just couldn’t quite get my head around how ‘purchasing a $45 plugin from a plugin author’ could give the impression of any kind of custom work going down. But hey-ho!

Hi - yes, no custom job the theme author sorted it. All good now.