Visual Composer - License is activated on another domain

I purchased and activated a license for Visual Composer when my Wordpress site was in development. I activated Visual Composer when the site was still ‘.dev’ and not the web published ‘.org’ site.

I can download and install Visual Composer updates but it fails when I try to get Wordpress to update it because it says the license is activated on the ‘.dev’ site.

Is there any way to change that so I don’t have to download and install each update?

You should better to contact plug-ins author

Hello Terry,
I have the exact same problem. The ki-themes response was quite uninformed.

There is not any author to contact. If there was, we would not be posting here. I will reconsider using Visual Composer if I have to buy licenses every time a website completes the dev stage and goes live. The Revolution Slider and the Visual Composer Page Builder recognized that that the .dev site was inactive and the license was not being used, but the Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer is stuck thinking that the license is already in use on a different domain.

Also, other authors frequently have a way to deactivate the license from the store where it was purchased. Envato does not have that functionality.

I am still looking for a solution other than paying for it a second time.

Support and the author for add ons

Bear in mind if you are having issues with the add on pack then this has nothing to do with VC’s author.

I have the same, installed and registered license during development under temporary url, now its live I cannot update the VC anymore: “Update Failed: License is activated on another domain”.

Is there a way to fix this? I deactivated & activated the plugin but didn’t help me as the license was still registered.

Thanks! Nienke

If anyone still has this issue, or lands here from a Google search like I did, I managed to solve this.

I “deactivated” my license here: - hover over the URL for the license that you want to transfer and you’ll be shown a button to click.

Next, in my website’s WP Admin, on the plugins page, choose WPBakery Page Builder: Settings -> Product License, then click the “Deactivate WPBakery Page Builder” button. An activate button will be displayed (you might need to refresh the page) which you should click and it will re-register the plugin at the correct address. Hooray!

Hope this helps,


Thanks a lot!

Worked perfectly, thanks Bro

This doesn’t seem to work anymore. I’ve just copied our site into a staging environment and can’t upgrade the plugin. I have several unassigned licence keys but i can’t deactivate it as it says “License can’t be deactivated while still in use.”
I don’t want to uninstall the plugin… This is ridiculous, and their support is nonexistent.
There are no FAQs or articles on changing domains in licenses. Won’t be using them for next website. Better options out there now.

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please you can go with 2 options for deactivating/unregistered the plugin from your concern domain:

  1. check documentation (online documentation will be better, check Item page support tab).
  2. Contact your purchased plugin Author. Contact Author and let them know

I was getting the same error after migrating my site over from STAGING to LIVE. I freaked out because I couldn’t get it to work. But I figured it out.

On your Wordpress Site go to PLUGINS >> WP BAKERY BUILDER >> DEACTIVATE (confirm deactivation but DO NOT DELETE the plugin)

In a new tab, go to >> hover over the license and click DEACTIVATE (confirm deactivation)

Back on your Wordpress Site Tab >> WP BAKERY BUILDER >> ACTIVATE


My site was back where it needed to be and nothing was out of place. Hopefully, this helps someone else figure it out and not have to panic after doing so much work to build them a site.


@timhu THANK YOU!!!
@geooorge Nice shots for those that are more visual!

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Try again @CarlTNZ it works…just did this today.

Can anyone confirm if any of these options work?

  1. When I go to the WPbakery site ( , it won’t actually allow me to deactivate. There is no button to click.

  2. When I tried the method of “deactivating” through the wordpress dashboard, nothing happens when I click the button.

  3. I’ve also tried the method of deactivating the plugin, then reactivating it. Still nothing.

This is so frustrating!

It works for me also ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Which method did you use?

Nothing happens when I hit “deactivate” on the wordpress site.
When I go to the “licenses” section of the WPbakery support site, it shows it as deactivated already.

ANY HELP or guidance is much appreciated.

Thanks so much for posting this, Tim!!