Visual Composer included in Tower theme?


Are compatible plugins included or do they need to be purchased separately?

For instance, I am considering buying the Tower theme, and I would like to know if Visual Composer is included and wether it works as an extra plugin or it is somehow embedded in your theme.


It depends some author includes by default Visual Composer in the theme so that you will not need to buy the plugin. Check item description and you will see if the plugin is include or at least is compatible with visual composer.

Also you can ask the author if you have any question before purchasing to make sure this is what you need. You can ask in theme’ comments section.


I will ask. Thanks


Bear in mind that bundled plugins are not licensed copies outside of the theme.

ie. you as the buyer cannot access plugin updates or register the plugin. These will be provided by the author of the theme as updates.

You are also not able to use the plugin outside of the theme it is bundled with and is likely customized in some way to include bespoke CSS or elements which would only work with the theme it is intended for.