Visual Composer Front End Missing From Bridge Theme Purchase


Just purchased the bridge theme and the visual composer is installed (I’ve used this before on other sites) but the front end builder is missing! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve deactivated all of my plugins to check for conflicts.

Whenever a theme ships with Visual Composer included, it is possible for theme authors to disable the frontend editor for Visual Composer. That is not a bug or conflict with another plugin, but done fully intentional. Particularly so, when the theme includes its own set of custom elements for Visual Composer, that are not (yet) fully compatible with the fronted editor, and/or the theme is providing extensive additional settings/controls for pages/posts, that are not available with the frontend editor, because those are provided outside of Visual Composer and therefore only available with the default and standard backend editor.

While it is possible to manually revert the disabling of the frontend editor (please check the official documentation/knowledge base for Visual Composer for more information about that), it is not advised to do so, as the theme authors most likely didn’t make the decision to disable the frontend editor lightly, but decided to do so in order to ensure full functionality of all theme elements/features when editing a page or post.