Visual Composer element shows up twice

I am trying to make a basic page with visual composert adding one row and a text block where I paste in en mailchimp form embed code. When saved and previewed the signup form shows twice. When going back to the editor there is nowehere any sign of the row/elemt/form being showed twice.

Why does this happen and what can I do to fix it

I am facing a similar problem. The vc shortcodes are placed in properly but still it renders the output twice :confounded:

Which theme are you using. I have found the issue to be originating from my themes page.php implementation. I am using Kalium Theme.

Hi terjemk,

If you are using the Kalium Theme
|||||Note - This issue arise only if you have selected the default template and kept show header option on

then you can fix the issue by commenting out the

the_content(); // around line 42 in main theme of kalium/page.php
comment out the

echo apply_filters(‘the_content’, laborator_esc_script($the_description)); // line 56 of kalium/tpls/page-heading-title.php

This is because,

if you enable default theme with show header page setting, page.php is enabled which calls kalium/tpls/page-heading-title.php template and both are echoing the_content onto the page, which cause the vc_ block to be executed twice.

There is one setting that will prevent this without fiddling with the code. under page options>Heading Title>Page Heading Description Type change the option to custom header and leave the following header blank :smiley: . It wasn’t a bug but a feature just had to go to the code level to understand that :smiley: … If you are not using the same theme. I can debug the issue for you.

Hey guys!

It turned out that in my present theme Twenty Seventeen there is a setting for the hompeage where you can have up to 5 different “boxes” or rows to show content. I had put some code in the second one and when I deleted this the problem was gone. So noting to do with VC in this case for me.

Thanks for your replies and suggestions.

Thank you guys, this topic helped me to solve a very similar issue. I had to comment out the following line in theme’s functions.php:
$description = strip_tags(apply_filters('the_excerpt', get_post_field('post_excerpt', $id)));

“the_excerpt” was rendering my shortcode second time after the_content()

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