Visual Composer does not work on all WooCommerce product tabs


I will try to explain this problem shortly.

In WooCommerce we needed to add Visual Composer in separate tabs, in order to organize product page nicely, but it caused a problem that we are unsure how to fix.

After adding 3 additional tabs in WooCommerce Product page, we also wanted to implement Visual Composer to all of the tabs, but we can only do it for one of the tabs. We have no idea how to add Visual Composer to all of the tabs on the Product page and WPBakery knowledge base does not have explanation for our problem

Also, I want to say that WooCommerce product tab, when installed, has Description tab and Short Description tab. We managed to add Visual Composer to the main Description tab, but not to the rest of the tabs.

English is not my first language and if you need more explanation of our problem, please reply.

Thanks and Cheers!

hi! did anyone reply to your question above? I’m having the same issue where i can’t add VC to product tabs other than the first tab. please provide if you have a solution… thanks!