Visual Composer does not work any longer



I purchased the Miami Theme and all worked well until recently. The visual composer has stopped functioning properly.
I also realized that it is run by WPBakery which is now asking for payment to update. Please help so that I may access and update the Visual Editor.


Which Miami theme did you get?



Hi Charlie4282,

I distinctly remember purchasing the $56 link below:

The site I applied the Miami theme is below:

Thank you


If needed, I can research and locate the receipt. Let me know…

Thank you


Here is a snapshot of the purchase:


Because you received your Visual Composer bundled with your theme, the theme author is responsible for providing you with all required updates, as you don’t actually own a license for VC itself, which is why WPBakery is asking you to purchase a license first, if you want to obtain any direct updates or support from them. Without such a direct license, the theme author is required to provide you with all necessary updates and support regarding all bundled plugins.

So as a first step, you need to ensure that you are using the most current version of your theme, along with applying all plugin updates that are usually included with theme update packages. If however, the theme is discontinued by the theme author (it seems there are no replies to comments for quite some time now) and no further updates are provided for it, you might want to consider purchasing a standalone version (license) of Visual Composer, although you will eventually run into problems with your theme and WP as well, if no further updates are forthcoming.


Thank you for the feedback!
I’ve ensured that the Theme is updated. I’ve also contacted the theme author as they are currently supporting the theme. I’ll reply back with details as there are a few others that have similar questions.