Visiting Envato HQ in Melbourne

Hello to everyone that works in Envato

I’ll be in Melbourne from next Sunday 11th of August, coming from Italy. For me would be really nice having the possibility to visit Envato HQ and meeting you guys, i really don’t know if it is something possible or it is something you usually do.

I’m selling on Envato marketplaces since 2012 and after 6 years i became an elite author, selling on marketplaces is not my main job but it changed my life. Meeting you guys would be an honor for me!

If there is someone from Envato that reads this message…please contact me!
:slight_smile: if it not possible, it’s fine as well


Did you reach this level to be eligible?

Postpone your visit till you do :smiley:

Hi @paolo6180! That shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile: I’ll check with the people in our Author Engagement team to find out who’s in the office next week, and I’ll send you a DM with more details.