Visibility of Country Badges?

Hey! Just wondering about something… How is it that some author’s country badges are visible on their profile and others aren’t?

I’m not really sure whether in the the grand scheme of things this would really translate to any real advantage either way but I’m curious all the same.

Is there a way to control visibility of the country badge on your profile?

Thanks Audiojunglers of the world! << they should have a badge for THAT!

Yoi can set it up in profile settings. For those who lives in nowhere country where just zombies are walking around is better to hide the country :smile:

Ah right - that was so obvious thanks! Thought I would have seen it there before. You’re right though SoulDesign, maybe I should be a little more careful looking around next time - Zombies everywhere!

Hi, Can you explaine where you find “hide country” in settings. I don’t find it

Settings => profile => show country on your profile and badges --> choose “no”.

Thanks a lot))

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Coud you give me a creenshot please I don’t see the place "show country on your profile and badges "

Here it is:

All the best!

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Heelo, I Want to hide country too, but I do not have this option!? What should I do? Any help, please! Here is SS

I guess you don’t have any items in your portfolio yet? Then your profile won’t be visible at all I think (besides in the forums)


Yes, maybe. I don’t have any item there. Thank you, :slight_smile: