Visia Theme Support not responding to anyone

I purchased the Visia Theme last year and paid for extended support. They have stopped responding to any forum requests and the template was taken of the site. Is there anyone that can help with issues I am having? The navigation is not working properly in Chrome. I have a client waiting for me to complete this site and I have no support :frowning:

If the item is removed from ThemeForest I am afraid you can’t do anything about that. Of course, you can try to contact the author (which you have already did) and to try to get some support.

Another option is to try to hire someone fo fix that for you - (I know, this solution requires to pay again and what if with next update of WordPress there are some more errors?).

Support is the most expensive part of creating (and keeping up to date) themes and it can be more expansive if you can’t get the support (and updates) from theme author.

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I submitted a refund request for this theme as I was instructed to do and there has been no response. If I don’t get a positive resolution I am going to report this to the Better Business Bureau.

well if noone is responding, they must take it from the site and stop selling it. I just bought it, and wordpress couldnt find style.css in the zip file.

Here you go