Virus Trojacn:Script/Oneeva.A!ml


Windows Defender is flagging all that I’m getting via email as infected by Virus Trojacn:Script/Oneeva.A!ml

Is it possible that Envato invoicing system is infected?

Hi @trylo,

Windows Defender is notorious for false positives. for security don’t open the file – instead, head over to and upload the zip file. They will scan it against all the top antiviruses and you can determine if it’s a false positive or not. if it is infected, delete the zip file and send the virustotal results to envato support by opening Help ticket .


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Hi @trylo,

Thanks for reporting this. We are investigating the issue (you’re not the first to report it), but as @mgscoder mentions, Windows Defender is notorious for false positives.

If you still have that file around, it would be very helpful for us to get a copy to validate it. Would you mind opening a help ticket (as described in the above post) and attaching the zip file to that?

Thank you!