Virtual doctor theme with video chat and patient notes ?

Hi, I’m looking for a Wordpress theme that can facilitate a virtual doctor service. The theme doesn’t need to be for doctors as I can customise but it’s the functions that I’m after.

Re most important features will be a space for video, audio and chat conversations (this will be hosted on another platform but the theme needs an area designed around the video feed if that makes sense?

It also needs for the patients to be able to register and for the doctor to be able to keep notes within the site on that patients profile. Does anything like that exist? Thanks


You can check these themes and their demo to find the best perfect one for you:


Thanks so much for your reply. I’ve had a look at all the doctor related themes but no luck so just wondered if anyone had any further insights.

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Hope you will get more specific suggestions from our forum community. Thanks

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If you can customize template than you can use any template and you will make to fit your needs.
Do you really think that you can find template for any purpose and needs that fits 100%?
Pay someone who will make custom made site.

No, I don’t think that a theme will 100% meet my needs but I was asking a simple question that only people with helpful and respectful responses are welcome to answer.

And I have simply answer to your question. People is came to this forum ask that someone else is search for them.
If you have budget pay someone who will make site by your needs. If you want to earn money you need to invest.

Not once did I ask anyone to search for me so don’t make things up.

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