Violation | Plugin saves the website name in external website.

I am an author as per the rules a plugin should not save website details on an external server.
I used it to set up the website for a client in the staging website and later tried to move it to the live version. But when I put the license code it showed the website URL saying that “it is active on the
I think this is a violation of policy or is it okay to do so. I also want to implement the same feature if it is okay. I am an author too

Bookme - WordPress Appointment Booking Scheduling Plugin

This makes the website vulnerable? The author can release a bad code and target a website in their database? Take as an example.

Let me know if it okay to do. I thought we have to stick to Envato API for this

Hi, you don’t have to register the plugin. In that case it’ll not send a thing, and by the policy, you should have the full working plugin. When you register with the author website it’s their own license you agree on, like private Help Centers and such. Hope this helps.

For instance, with us, you go to our private website, register and there you get the key for your website to register. When you do this we take your website URL, but on our website with our policy. After that you put the code you’ve got and it just checks it with our website and is that the URL registered. Doesn’t do anything else.

@XforWooCommerce Actually the activation is required even to use the plugin. Now I have to wait 2+ days to get the website changed. When I enter the purchase code it saves the website to their database

That would be considered a problem, as nothing can be hidden from the user if the plugin isn’t registered. On that matter you can make a complaint here It’ll take some time, but at the end they will resolve it in your favour, plus future users of that item won’t have the same trouble.

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Exactly. I have submitted a request to fix this. Thanks for the answer

Kewl! Be aware, that messages like “you have to register” without limiting any of the functionalities will not be considered as a problem. Thanks!

See screenshot. The functionality of adding staff can’t be done without verifying. After verifying the website url get’s saved in their database. I used it on the staging website so that I can configure staffs. When I moved the website to live version then it throws an error message with my staging website URL in it.

That does not seem good.

I understand. You will talk to the Envato officer and will find a solution, no other way around. Cheers and stay in good health!

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Thank you. Cheers, and stay healthy :slight_smile:

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