Vinero (VL Themes) question WP


I tried out the Vinero theme (VL Themes), and wanted to use the porfolio setup for my site. I can´t seem to edit the porfolio items without doing som heavy coding (!). I would like to edit it visually, as the different porfolio pages have different templates I´d like to keep but edit the content of. It says that it supports Visual Composer (selling point), but it doesn´t seem to work. And the little support I got (since I for now only am a subscriber), said that it doesn´t support Visual Composer. Which leaves me a bit baffeled; how can you sell a theme that is supposed to be edited with ease, and you can´t edit a very essencial part of that particular layout? When editing the porfolio items in visual mode, all I see is a buch of code. Oh, I can edit the picture with ease though…

Has anyone had any experience with this theme? Setting up a site now, all help is appreciated.