Vina WordPress Quiz Plugin



I have a Vina WordPress Quiz Plugin, a WordPress plugin for creating and managing quiz,exam online.

Currently its version is 2.0 with some new features.
(Version 3 will support many interesting features like Multiple languages, roles…)

Could you give me some comments, advice on my plugin ? What features I need to add, GUI design, etc…

I need your comments, advice to give you the best WordPress quiz plugin .




  • Make the countdown sticky, so you can see it after scroll to see how much time you have :slight_smile:
  • I didn’t typed my name+email, then I hit the Start button and it worked. Is this a bug or a feature?
  • Improve the design! I know CC is all about code but to be sure you get more customers, make it more attractive.

All the best



I will try my best to improve the design. “Improve the design!” could you give me example or what I need for better design. (like “Make the countdown sticky”)


  • Improve the design = Make it more presentable, nice looking. Check some best sellers and see how they present their plugins.

  • The countdown is the time remaining to complete the quiz. At this moment it is on the pot of the page but as soon as you go down with questions it would be nice to remain sticky.